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The alphabet depicted above is generally called Futhark.  It was named after it's first six letters (FEHU, URUZ, THURISAZ, ANSUZ,  RAIDHO and KENAZ), and is usually found in the order shown above.

These are the runes as I have learned them.  There are many variations on runes ( both in character and name ) as you will discover if you search for, and study other materials on the topic ( and I hope you will ).     

This booklet was designed to serve  you as an introduction  to the topic of rune divination.   It must be stressed though, that divination is just one of the many branches on the tree of rune lore.

There are many legends and applications involving runes.  Along with being a valuable divinational tool, runes are also considered a magickal alphabet and a tool for visualization.  They are employed in making talismans and each rune is associated with a distinct god.  Even within rune divination there are branches of knowledge.  In learning rune divination you will find a mundane meaning and a spiritual meaning for each rune.  This booklet will be focusing on the mundane meanings of the runes, that is to say, the meanings as they apply to everyday life.  For more
information on rune lore and rune divination, please consult the list included at the end of this booklet.

As with all divinational tools, you will get the most out of your runes if you first get yourself in tune with them and keep up  that connection.   A suggested way to do this, is to roll them in your  hands like "worry stones" (while watching t.v., hanging out, etc. )  and keep them on your person as often as possible.  This will allow them to pick up your energies while your mind is occupied by other things.  Having your runes surrounded by your own energies forms a useful bond between you and them.  For this reason, many people avoid letting others handle their runes.   Of course, practicing runecasts and readings is the most direct way to get in tune with your runes.   

It is important to learn the meaning of each rune.  I suggest that you hold each rune while reading and learning it's individual meaning.  This will teach both you and the rune what it represents. The more you can understand and interpret the runes, the more you will get out of your runecasts.  This does not, however, mean you have to memorize
everything you ever read about a rune.  Read what's out there as guidelines and incorporate new information into your readings, but don't be afraid to let your own intuitions and experiences guide your interpretations.
Essentially, experience with your runes will be more valuable than any book.  (Though there are some fine books out there.)

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Runes are often kept in a pouch.  This is for the obvious reason of keeping them together (you should always have 25 runes), and it is also a handy way to carry them around.  In the rune readings and runecasts I have included, you will notice instructions to "draw" a rune.  Drawing runes directly from the pouch allows the choosing of runes to be done on a subconcious level.  (You can't see them in the pouch.)   To enhance the connection to your subconcious, it is suggested that you draw your runes with your passive hand  (left hand if you're a "righty", and right hand if you
are a "lefty").   

You may wish to put your name (using the runes) on your rune pouch.  Or you may wish to make yourself a new one of a prefered color or size.   Feel free to decorate your rune pouch in any way, personal touches on your  pouch can only enhance the bond between  you and your runes.


Many people like to have a special cloth that is used solely for rune readings and runecasts.   This is called, simply enough, a rune cloth.  It is usually made of a piece of white or single colored material.  It may be square, round or whatever appeals to you.  In size, it need only be large enough for a runecast or spread.  ( A traditional size is 18" X 18".)  It is possible to have a rune cloth replace your pouch.  You could bundle your runes in your rune cloth and tie a string around the bundle.      

Some people find it helpful to have a "map" figured out on their rune cloth.  This "map" allows them to determine what the placement of the runes in a runecast mean.  For example, you may wish to have a circle on your cloth.  You could consider any rune inside the circle as being something that is near you, and the runes that fall outside the circle could be considered  further away from you ( in terms of time, distance etc.).  You could consult a book on tea leaf reading, a "map" of the tea cup can be incorporated into your runecasts or painted onto your cloth.  The
possibilities are limited only by your imagination. 

If you decide to make a rune cloth, I suggest it be as simple and uncluttered as possible.  If you choose to include a "map", bear in mind, the runes should be the main focus of the reading.   Rune cloths that are patterned or too busy may detract from your readings by pulling your attention away from the cast.  

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Runes, along with many other forms of divination can be valuable allies.  In preparing to do a runecast you are preparing to ask your higher self for answers and assistance.  There are many factors to take into account when interpreting a runecast, it takes practice.   So, don't be discouraged if you come up with a few "duds" in your first readings. Because of divinations' similarity to counceling, I highly recomend that you practice readings on yourself before doing spreads for anyone else.
You should prepare yourself before you begin to read or cast the runes.   Start by relaxing.  Find somewhere free of distractions, and then clear your mind of any unrelated thoughts.   It is important to concentrate on your specific question or issue while drawing and casting  the runes.   Focusing your mind and having a clear intent will
greatly enhance the accuracy of your readings.  

Interpreting  a runecast is like telling a story.  Your job is to find the characters, themes, events, and advice of the reading.  Take as much time as you need to interpret a spread, and pay close attention to all the connections.  The times I am most satisfied in the accuracy of my readings are when each rune clearly plays a part in the runecast, or rather when the runecast itself becomes a comprehensable story.  

Sometimes the runes will clearly answer your question, and sometimes they will ignore it completely, choosing to focus on other issues instead.  Often times these are issues that you knew existed but didn't want to face.  Look within to see if the runes haven't met the mark.
Runes (in divination) work by connecting you to that part of you that is in touch with your subconcious, higher self or that part of you that is in tune with the all. However you want to look at it.   Even the most accurate  of runecasts can not tell you what is destined to be.  They only predict what is likely to happen based on current information.  A
negative runecast should  never be taken as irreversable, you always have the choice to change your situation in life. 

 In divination, runes are used to tell you what path you are currently on.   Remember, it is always within your
power to keep with or alter that path. In the next few pages you will find examples of rune spreads and runecasts.  You may use these, or other  techniques and rune spreads that you come across.  There are an abundance of tarot spreads available, for example, tarot spreads adapt very well to rune divination.   You could certainly form your own spreads and techniques for a reading, or maybe incorporate methods from various spreads.   Generally, the more runes used in a runecast or spread, the more involved, the reading. Runes are read either upright or reversed.  When casting the runes, it is helpful to have a system of deciding which runes you will consider upright, and which you will consider reversed.  I usually interpret all the runes with their top pointing up or to the left, upright; and all the runes
 that have their top pointing down or to the right, reversed.

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Simply clear your mind, concentrate on a question and pull one rune.  Consult the meaning of this rune and see how it applies to you.  This technique can be used as a daily pick in the morning to see what type of day you can expect, or to answer a specific question.  

You can also use the one rune method to answer a "yes or no" question.  Upright, the answer is yes,
reversed the answer is no.  Runes that have no reverse should be considered upright.  


Concentrate on your situation (or question) and draw three runes.  Place them on your rune cloth (or table or whatever).  Like the one rune method, this can be used to answer a "yes or no" question.  Place all the
runes face up.  If the runes are predominantly upright, the answer is yes.  If the runes are mostly reversed, the answer is no.    

Another way to use the three rune method is to turn over one rune at a time and:

<  Read the first rune as the PROBLEM OR ISSUE.
<  Read the  second rune as the COURSE OF ACTION  you should take.
<  Read the  third rune as the OUTCOME (if you follow the advice of the
second rune).

1   2   3
Concentrate on your situation and draw five runes.  Lay the runes face down, one through five as illustrated above.  Then, one at a time, turn them over and read them in the following order.

<  2) PRESENT   The  current problem, situation or issue.

<  1) PAST   Something from your past that caused this situation.

<  4) HELP   This is the help ( from a friend, relative, stranger or yourself )  that you can expect.

<  5) OBSTACLES   The aspects of the situation that can not be changed and must be accepted.

<  3) RESULT The outcome of the spread in consideration of all the runes in the spread.

        1   2
3                  5
4         7        6

Concentrate on your issue and draw seven runes, one at a time.  Lay the runes face down in the above order.  In this reading, you interpret two runes together for a combined meaning:

<   Turn over the 1st and 2nd runes.  
These two combined form the issue or problem.   

< Then flip over the 3rd and 4th runes.  The combination of these two runes represent the factors of your past that have influence in your present situation.

<   The 5th and 6th runes are the most important runes in this cast.  They represent the advice the runes are giving you.   

<   The 7th rune is the result of the situation.   ( If you follow the advice given in the spread. )

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This is a less specific way to read the runes.   There are as many variations of runecast techniques as there are runecasters.  The first thing you will want to do, is choose the number of runes you'll be casting.  The number nine is closely associated with rune lore, and I have found it to be a manageable size for runecasts.  Odd numbers are traditional in divination, but you may use any number you wish.   In choosing the number of runes you will work with, keep in mind whether or not you will be incorporating the runes that were cast face down.   Some people cast all their runes and read only the runes that fall face up, and others utilize those runes that are "hiding".   I suggest that you experiment and find the technique that you are most comfortable with.

While concentrating on your issue (or simply requesting guidance) draw nine runes (or however many you have decided on) and cup them in your hands.  Shake them up and drop them onto your rune cloth (or
whatever).   Runecasting, it's true, is not as defined a method as using a spread, but that very lack of structure can be a valuable asset.  You may find that the "look" of the runecast lends meaning to your interpretation.  If after casting the runes, for example. you notice that they have formed some
sort of picture, let that picture speak to you and see how it applies to your reading.      

After noting the initial appearance of the runecast, read each  individual pile of runes, then the runes that are face up, then one at a time flip over the runes that are face down (if you are including them). 
 Take all the time you need to interpret the runecast.  Basicly, your observations should lean towards
individual rune meanings, combined meanings and the relationships the runes have with each other in terms of  distance, overlapping, etc... There are so many ways the runes can fall, I suggest you practice
casting with a few pre-determined things to look for.  If some of the runes appear to be in the center, for example, I usually take that to mean that those runes are the predominant issues, and runes that are away from the center may be considered outside the main issue.  (Though they are in the spread and therefore have influence.)   Important things to look for are: How many runes are face down,  (unless you have chosen to exclude face down runes from your cast) are there more runes hidden than showing?  If so, these may be elements in your life that are at work behind the scenes.  They may be issues that you have not been able to focus on, or they may be hidden elements at work in your life. (Depending on the runes themselves and their placement in the casting.)     How many runes are reversed, and how many upright?  This will give you a feeling for whether the runecast is generally positive or negative.  Runes that are touching or covering other runes are closely working together in some way.  It is important to remember that each new combination of runes forms a new meaning, and each new cast will form new combinations.   

Forming a more defined plan for runecasting may be accomplished by adding special features to your rune cloth, (see information under the heading RUNE CLOTH) or simply figuring out something ahead of time. There is no right or wrong way to cast the runes.  Each technique is as valuable as the next.   Numerology, tea leaf reading, astrology, and any other form of divination can be incorporated into your runecasting techniques, so keep your eyes open for new and interesting ways to cast the runes.

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In this section you will find a brief description of each rune.    Though they each have an individual significance, rune interpretation involves blending runes to form additional meanings.   Not all of the combined meanings are listed, so it will be your job to learn how they work together.

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This rune represents earned income.  It represents your career as well as your wealth, status and position.  FEHU is a rune of success and attainment.  Drawing this rune indicates that prosperity is coming towards you in some form.  ( often, but not always regarding money.)  The type of gain will be indicated by the surrounding runes: With BEORC or GIFU for example, the source of gain will be through a personal relationship; along side of RAIDHO, the increases could be the result of a journey; with
OTHEL it could be from a legacy or will.    This rune announces the arival of that which you have worked for.  You will overcome opposition.  The advice of FEHU is to keep with the plan you have already underway. If FEHU is surrounded by negative runes, the advice is to conserve what you have.


FEHU REVERSED usually represents loss of personal property, esteem, or something that you put in effort to keep.  It indicates some sort of failure.  With positive runes surrounding  FEHU REVERSED it is just a
delay or obstacle.  Along side negative runes, a material loss is indicated. There may be problems with your finances or your emotions now.  You may be feeling a lack of fulfillment, possibly sexual frustration.   FEHU REVERSED cautions you to avoid materialism, don't be tempted to waste your resources.  Think carefully how your actions will affect your future. There may be female health problems and weight gain.   Again, for a clearer picture, look to the surrounding runes. Loss or a disappointment is shown if you continue on  in the same manner.  The advice of FEHU REVERSED is to put yourself on a budget and abandon any plans as they might hurt you financially or otherwise.

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This is the rune of strength, good health and sometimes advancement in career. It may also represent the male (one with strong emotions)  in a relationship.  Drawing this rune is a good indicator that your
wish or dream will come to pass.  URUZ indicates a time of great energy and health for you.  It is also a rune of sudden or unexpected changes (usually for the better).  Drawing URUZ suggests improvement in your business or finances ( especially when paired with business or finance runes) will happen, but only through hard work.  There will be new challenges and responsibilities along with the strength to take them on. URUZ  brings the message of good fortune, exciting events and success.


URUZ REVERSED in your reading shows you may have failed to take advantage of the moment. You should not allow fear of a low self image to hold you back ( might you have already? ) from any challenges you encounter. This rune reversed tells you that your will power is weak now. Low vitality and ill health are indicated. If URUZ REVERSED shows up for a male, it might show sexual problems. You may be unmotivated. You may be experiencing bad luck. If GIFU or THURISAZ are in the cast,
your strength is being used against you. With RAIDHO or EIHWAZ it can show that lack of motivation will lead you to pass by a change for the better (unless the rest or the runes are negative, in which case you should let the change pass you by).

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THURISAZ is strongly associated with protection and luck.  In a positive runecast, these are on your side.  This is especially true if EIHWAZ or EOLH are paired with it.  In a negative reading, your luck may be ending. In either case, now is not a time to be too self assured.  THURISAZ in a reading often indicates that an important decision is at hand.  One that may change the course of your life.  THURISAZ advises you to seek advice, especially if it is found with ANSUZ, JERA, or MANNAZ.   In a mostly
negative rune cast, you are probably being stubborn and too self assured. If you find HAGALL, NIED or ISA in the cast you should postpone any plans you may have.  In a negative rune cast, there may be opposition of some kind from people who are stronger than you in some way.


THURISAZ REVERSED is a warning that you must be very cautious while making any decisions or changes in your life.  Now is not the time to make hasty decisions.  THURISAZ REVERSED might  indicate that you
are have already refused to follow good advice (depending on the placement in the runecast).  Your mind is stubbornly set.  Your luck may be running out.   You are perhaps deceiving yourself about something.  If
KENAZ  is present, you are feeling threatened by someone whom you feel is below you in some way.  The advice of THURISAZ REVERSED is to slow down, check every possible angle and get expert advice before you take any action.

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This rune represents the spoken word, communication, learning, the taking of advice, and the acquiring of wisdom.  ANSUZ in a reading represents an intelligent individual who is full of energy.  Be on the lookout
for someone wiser than you who can give you good advice.  (Maybe someone older.)  If this rune shows up near BEORC the advice will probably be from a close relative, possibly your mother or another woman.
If it is shown with OTHEL, it will be an older relative.  With JERA, you can expect it to come from and "official type" of person (a doctor,lawyer etc...).  Sometimes this rune suggests an apprenticeship or a new trade under the guidance of someone who can teach you a great deal.  ANSUZ may indicate some form of test as well.  (School or a job interview or the like.)  Drawing ANSUZ shows that you now have the ability to get through whatever arises with ease.


ANSUZ REVERSED warns you not to believe anything you hear now. Lies, trickery, rumors and deceit are around you. Get second opinions. Any advice you get now should be considered biased and
selfish. Someone may be trying to interfere with your plans. ANSUZ REVERSED indicates a time of poor communication, and a lack of clarity. You may be failing ( or refusing ) to learn from the lessons of life. Sometimes ANSUZ REVERSED is an indication that an elderly person who is causing problems. There may be trouble with something you study or misuse of knowledge.

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This is the rune of journeys.  It indicates travel, and movement.  In a positive rune cast,  RAIDHO is a sure sign of a safe and pleasant journey. Any travel you undergo is sure to bring you pleasure.  Sometimes this is in reference to a journey within the self.  This is a time to follow your souls path.  It is a good time for negotiations or discussions.  Compromises can be reached now.  You may be about to receive unexpected news (confirm this with the surrounding runes).   If you had a financial question prior to
drawing this rune, RAIDHO indicates that now is the time to buy or sell.  In a negative reading, don't place faith in other peoples words, and be sure to read the fine print.  If PERDHRO REVERSED is near RAIDHO  in the cast, promises will be broken.  If it falls with EOHL reversed, someone is trying to
take advantage of you.


Drawing RAIDHO REVERSED indicates that now is a bad time for travelling, though you may need to.  Someone may be visiting you during an inconvenient time.  Or it might be a visit to an ill friend or relative.
Delays, breakdowns, accidents and problems are likely during travel.  If possible, postpone any journey you may have planned.  There may be an upset of your plans.  Any transactions or negotiations are not likely to turn out in your favor now.  There may be trouble in your relationships.  Try and be extra patient with people now.   Look to surrounding runes to see where these delays may affect you.

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This rune represents you opening up to new strength, energy, and power now.  KENAZ  is a rune of spiritual enlightenment and higher guidance.  It shows good health.  Keep a good, positive attitude.  If your life has been stagnent, KENAZ brings news of an energetic change for the better.  This rune is protective, it tells of good things  coming into your life.  This rune tells of you climbing out of a rut, it is a great time to start something new.  KENAZ also represents creativity, it  is a fantastic rune to draw if your are an artist or craft person.  If the question is regarding romance, KENAZ represents starting new relationships or fresh starts to old ones.  With ANSUZ, RAIDHO, PERDHRO or EOLH , this rune represents the birth of an idea, something creative, something inspired.    It can mean actual birth when paired with ING, HAGALL, or BEORC.  (Along side of BEORC it can also mean a burst of sexual activity.)


KENAZ REVERSED represents an ending of some sort.  KENAZ REVERSED indicates there will be a  loss of possessions; social standing, or an offer will be withdrawn.  KENAZ REVERSED foretells material
limitations in your life.  With NIED, ISA or OTHEL REVERSED,  a loss or delay will block your progress and cause you anxiety.  You might be exercising poor judgment now.   Confusion regarding romantic
involvements may be present.  KENAZ REVERSED shows up at a time when the people involved will go their separate ways.  This is especially  true if NIED or NIED REVERSED is present.  The advice of this rune
reversed is: do not cling.  Accept the changes and get on with life.

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This rune refers to a partnership of some kind.  Either business or love.  Drawing this rune may mean an important development in a romantic relationship.  This rune also indicates commitment and a gift of some sort. It may be an emotional gift of love or a material gift given just when you need it.  Often GIFU is telling of a gift that binds a relationship,  a gift that is a symbol of shared love.   Generosity of some sort will be present.   It usually indicates a time in your life that is full of peace  and contentment.  In a predominantly negative reading, GIFU may indicate that your problem is rooted within your emotions.


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This is the rune of joy.   It tells of happiness coming into your life. This rune indicates success.  With RAIDHO or EHWAZ it means a fortunate and pleasing journey.  With ANSUZ it means good news.  Cast
with love related runes, it can indicate deep affection and lasting emotional happiness.   If there was a question regarding the object of your affections, this rune may represent that person.  Some activity with this person will have happy results.  Pleasure through your work is indicated by WUNJO. This is especially true if your work is of an artistic or creative nature.


This rune reversed is an indication of problems in your life and your unhappiness.   Cast with RAIDHO or or EHWAZ, it can show an unsafe or unsuccessful journey with breakdowns and delays.  In matters relating to employment, WUNJO REVERSED describes dissatisfaction with your job or your performance.  In love matters there will be disappointment and loss of affections.  The advice of this rune reversed is to be cautious.  Put off any important decisions.   You are probably feeling depressed and disatisfied.  You might be experiencing trouble from associates or people opposing you.   Nothing is permanent, this to shall pass.

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This is the rune of  unexpected disruptions.  It indicates limitations and delays.  Drawing this rune tells you that the forces at work in your situation are outside of your control.  However, further down the line, you may see a reason for these limitations.   You may be considering a risk of some sort.  HAGALL paired with FEHU or JERA shows eventual success but only after much effort on your part.  If any of the surrounding runes are cast reversed you should avoid any risk or gamble.  With NIED REVERSED, extreme caution should be taken.  Sometimes it means that your future is in the hands of someone else,  this is not usually someone you are familiar with.  Perhaps an official of some sort.  The advice of this rune is do not start anything new now.  In an otherwise positive runecast, (especially if paired with ISA, NIED or OTHEL) the meaning leans more towards interruption as opposed to disruption.    Look to runes that fall after HAGALL to see if this disruption will change the course of your life.


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NIED is the rune of delays.  Now is a time to exercise patience.  Poor health, feelings of oppression and the like will work out in there own time.  Worrying won't help at all.  Drawing this rune indicates a time when you are passing through a difficult  learning situation.  Face your fears.  Think twice before taking on any new projects.  You may not really have the ability or the energy right now to deal with them.  Drawing  NIED indicates a time when you should avoid greed.  Now is not the time to try and surround
yourself with material things.  Focus instead on your spiritual side, sometimes you can't change destiny.  You should conserve  your energy now.  This rune may indicate that your emotional needs are not being met. It may be telling you that you are blowing a situation out of proportion.  Do not drain your own energy.


Drawing NIED REVERSED tells you that you are setting off on the wrong path.  If you continue on in the same manner, you will fail in your endeavor.   If you are already on the wrong path, be honest with yourself and admit your mistake.  Stop what your doing and recheck your motives. Salvage what you can.  With JERA you might have to pay for past misdeeds.  If you are not honest with yourself and others at this time or not willing to accept you due, some force will step in and demand justice.  The advice of NIED REVERSED is to right any wrongs you may have done.

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This rune indicates a time of standstills.  A freeze in some situation. All your plans should be put on hold for a while.  Wait for improved conditions or more enthusiasm before continuing on.  Paired with delay
runes, positive accomplishments are unlikely now.  This rune (unless paired with negative runes) indicates temporary delays and frustrations.  It may tell of a relationship cooling off.  (Examine the runes surrounding ISA to see what type of relationship.)  There may be bad feelings and resentments, possibly leading to separation.  Problems with loyalty are indicated.  UnlessISA is paired with reversed love runes, relationship problems will be resolved soon, but in a strongly negative runecast, the relationship or project is no longer salvageable and the advice of this rune is to move on.


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JERA is the runic symbol of karma.  What you put into your world will eventually come back to you.  This is the rune of the harvest.  In a positive reading, it indicates a time of reaping the rewards of efforts you
have expanded.  The repayment of money and favors will come now.  This rune has jurisdiction over justice and legal issues.  Drawing JERA should be a reminder that events take time.   There may be delays regarding legal issues or finances or the home.  (Especially if NIED is involved.)   In a mostly negative reading, JERA indicates that the problems can be alleviated with careful effort and possibly legal help.  Paired with ISA, it indicates you will be paying for past misdeeds.  Cast along side of HAGALL or NIED, this rune shows that you are following some path for which you are not suited.  In a spread involving  ODIN, you are tempting fate somehow.  It is especially important for you to restrain from speaking ill of


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This is another rune of protection.  Drawing this rune indicates that you have set your sights on a reasonable target and can achieve your goals.  There may be a slight obstacle,  delay or minor problems.   But it won't cause too much trouble so don't be too eager to move ahead.  The obstacle or delay may very well prove beneficial, or it won't turn out too big. Look at the runes surrounding EIHWAZ  to determine if there is an obstacle and what it might involve.  You should try to anticipate problems that may arise.  The advice of EIHWAZ is to be flexable, work with change.   Use your imagination and turn any situation to your advantage.  EIHWAZ has been interpreted as having a tie to the past.  It  could mean that you will hear from someone from your past.  Sometimes this rune is an indication that problems from your past that were not dealt with effectively will be returning.  In a runecast including ANSUZ or JERA, problems that previously had no answer will soon be solved.   Though it hints at delays, EIHWAZ is a  positive rune.


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This is a rune of mystery.  It involves hidden things, secrets and occult abilities.  Drawing this rune is a good indication that something that has remained hidden is about to come to light.  Perhaps there will be a
disclosure of some secret.  Unexpected gains and surprises are indicated. Along side of THURISAZ, GIFU or HAGALL it could be an unearned gain of money.  It may mean a gift, if so, look carefully at the motives behind it.  In emotional matters, PERDHRO indicates extreme sexual compatability. Though if it is found with URUZ, KENAZ or TIR, this rune describes a relationship based solely on sex.  In a predominantly negative runecast, PERDHRO may mean an illness that is difficult to cure.  This rune may also be and indication of strong intuition or occult ability.


Drawing PERDHRO REVERSED should tell you not to expect too much now.  Events won't turn out as you had hoped.  Obstacles, as well as unpleasant secrets and surprises are indicated.  If you are hiding
something, it is about to be revealed.  Things from your past that you may be hiding ( or hid so well you forgot about them) could very well come back to haunt you now.  You should exercise caution.  Someone may disappoint you.  Possibly a disappointment involving money.  Now is not the time to loan money or make new investments  (especially when it involves a friend).  You may be having sexual problems.  If you draw PERDHRO REVERSED, you should stay away from any experimentation with occult forces.

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This is the rune of protection.  It tells of a fortunate new influence entering your life.  You should follow your instincts now as they will hit the mark.  Friendships are in the picture, either new or old friends will lend you useful assistance.  EOLH is often a prediction of an opportunity someone will give you. 
 Accepting the offer or opportunity will turn you in a beneficial new direction.   As usual, look to the placement of EOLH and the surrounding runes to find information of the type of offer.   If any harm is
pending, you are likely to receive a strong premonition.  Use and trust your intuition.   This rune can indicate that a "guardian angel" is hovering.


Drawing EOLH REVERSED shows a time when you are vulnerable. You may have to sacrifice something with no gain.  Someone may be deceiving or misleading you.   Be on guard for trouble from any direction.
EOLH REVERSED tells that there is someone you should avoid, or perhaps an offer that you should refuse.   Someone may be using you.  Consult the surrounding runes for a clearer indication of this.  Beware of
new  "friends" , someone will try and use you.  It is possible that you are deceiving yourself, don't expect something for nothing.  If you are behaving with greed or are being naive, someone is sure to try and con you.  In questions regarding love, delay a new relationship until more is known about their character and motives.

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SIGEL is a rune of victory, health, and success.  It indicates a time when power will be available to you for positive changes in your life. In a generally positive reading, SIGEL is an indication of your being healthy and of you overcoming opposition.  RELAX ! Don't let worry and tension get you.  In a runecast with RAIDHO, WUNJO, OTHEL or FEHU, you are being a workaholic.   Paired with negative runes SIGEL foretells of over exertion.  This rune could be a warning that your stressful lifestyle may deteriorate your health.  When SIGEL is shown with HAGALL, ISA, NIED or THURISAZ, you may wish to be in total control of your life at all times, and if this is not possible you are likely to feel anxious and helpless. 
 Despite all this, SIGEL is generally  considered a positive rune.


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This is a rune of victory and success in any competition.  You're ready to fight for what you believe in.   Unless many negative runes are in the cast you will succeed.  Now is a time when you are feeling extremely motivated.  Strength and will power are indicated by this rune.  TIR represents  male energies.  If the person asking the question is a man, TIR represents him. The runes that are closest to TIR should then be read as the forces that are most closely affecting him.  If the reading is for a woman than this rune represents the man with whom she is closest.  TIR has jurisdiction over sexual relationships, in questions regarding romance, TIR gives a very positive answer, and can means a new romance.  The man
involved has good intentions.  Shown in a spread with WUNJO, it means an affectionate lasting relationship.   With FEHU, URUZ and SIGEL, you will keep up the fight and tear up the opposition.  However, if TIR is surrounded by many negative or delay runes, no matter how determined and strong you may be, you won't win.


TIR REVERSED is an indication of failure in competition.  If the question is involving a romance, the man in the relationship is not being honest.  You may be experiencing lack of fidelity in freindships and
relationships.  You are feeling impatient.  Your energy and creative flow are blocked.  You may be inclined to give up at the first sign of difficulties.  Good things in your life are not surrounding you, but are you putting out any effort to draw them in?  In matters involving the heart, TIR REVERSED
signifies a time of dwindling passion, difficulties in communication, and possibly separation.

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BEORC is the family rune.  This rune refers to a happy family event, (a wedding, birth etc..).  Or this rune can mean the formation of an idea.  This rune represents new beginnings, a new project or romance,
something that will bring you happiness.  If the reading is for a woman, BEORC often represents her.  In this case, those runes that surround BEORC will be the forces that surround the woman.  In a mans reading, BEORC is likely to represent the woman in his life with whom he has the closest relationship.  In certain readings BEORC represents your mother.  If you have any schemes or plans, the advice of BEORC is to implement them right away.   BEORC is especially fortunate in the outcome position of a runecast.   It may mean the birth of a child, ( especially if paired with ING ) or a marriage.  In a mostly negative reading, BEORC indicates that though you will be successful,  your success will not last.


Drawing this rune reversed indicates family problems and or domestic troubles.  You are probably feeling anxiety about someone close to you.  ( With GIFU  it is your "significant other", with ANSUZ it is a child,
and with OTHEL it is an older relative).  In matters of business, the ventures will have trouble getting started or may fall through, but this is not really a negative rune unless the whole reading is.  Business plans may just need to be saved for later.

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This rune represents movement and changes.  Travelling, a change of occupation or maybe a new dwelling place.  EHWAZ tells of a change for the better.   Gradual development and steady progress are indicated.  This rune may mean a journey, especially if paired with RAIDHO (short distance), or LAGAZ (long distance).   With ANSUZ REVERSED it means visiting a sick relative and with BEORC the changes or travel involves a family get together.   EHWAZ indicates that you are going about a problem correctly.  If paired with ANSUZ, JERA, or MANNAZ someone with good judgment is helping you.


EHWAZ REVERSED in your runecast is a good indication that you are feeling restless or confined in a situation.  This is not a really a negative rune even though it is reversed.   You are perhaps craving a change.   Sometimes a distant journey is involved.  This is especially the case if paired with LAGAZ.  If RAIDHO is present in the spread, the journey will only be a temporary one.  If travel is indicated, it will probably leave you with the feeling of having wasted your time.  If URUZ is in the spread, a sudden or unexpected change is indicated.  If EHWAZ REVERSED is in a negative reading, the advice is to not make any changes in your life now.  Be sure that what you are involved in is timely.

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MANNAZ is the rune of assistance and team work.  You can expect to receive some sort of aid or cooperation now.  Possibly in the form of good advice.  ( Especially if paired with ANSUZ. )  Surrounded by positive runes, MANNAZ indicates that now is a very good time to implement any plans.  It speaks of constructive activity with the assistance of many people.  MANNAZ in your reading hints to be on the lookout for a new aquaintance, one that will enlarge your outlook and contacts.  If the surrounding runes
are negative,  you may have blown a problem way out of proportion and are on the verge of giving up.  In that case you may be too caught up in a problem to solve it, and should seek advice from someone.  It is important for you to have a positive attitude now.  If it needs adjusting, do it.    If it is surrounded by 
are delay runes (NIED, ISA, OTHEL and ANSUZ REVERSED), the time is not right for projects.  Take special care to remain modest.  This rune may indicate magickal ability especially if paired with PERDHRO or LAGAZ.  Although LAGAZ in a spread with MANNAZ may also mean trouble with women, as always, look to the placement in the spread and the surrounding runes.


This rune appearing reversed tells you to expect no help now. MANNAZ REVERSED in your reading may indicate a time when you are feeling isolated and lonely.   Perhaps you have (or will) separated yourself
from others to "pull yourself together", and reflect on your life.  There will be obstacles, ( especially if found with HAGALL or NIED) and someone or more likely a group may be interfering in with your business.  If this is the case, look at the surrounding runes to show how to deal with them.  If ISA
or NIED are in the runecast, the advice is to wait.  With JERA, the advice is to use legal means.  When paired with TIR, the advice of MANNAZ REVERSED is to fight.  Selfishness on your part may be part of the problem.  You should try and see things from  point of view of someone else.

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This is a feminine rune of intuitive knowledge.  Whenever you draw this rune it is advising you to follow your intuitions.   Psychic ability is high. This is especially true if PERDHRO is in the cast.  It may mean that you are being guided or protected by higher forces.  ( It is unlikely that you are aware of them. )  It may also mean a prophetic dream.  In relationships, this rune represents the woman.  Finding this rune in a cast indicates that by use of your intuitions and imagination, you are capable of dealing with any problems that may arise.  In a mans reading, it represents a strong and supportive female in his life.   This rune represents good memory and success in learning.  It shows  use of your imagination.  Things will go your way.  LAGAZ indicates a time of relaxing, cleansing and re-evaluating your life.  In the result position of a spread,  it means that others will be sympathetic, understanding and helpful (especially when paired with MANNAZ).


LAGAZ REVERSED is an indication of a period of confusion in your life.  You may be making wrong decisions and misjudgments that will poorly affect your actions.   Lack of creativity and feelings of being in a rut are indicated.  This is a bad sign unless surrounded by positive runes. You will be or already were misled by your intuition into something you can't handle.  Temptation to do the wrong thing, or to take the easy way out is strong.  Get out of any bad situation as fast as you can ( unless LAGAZ REVERSED is surrounded by delay runes ).  LAGAZ REVERSED often warns you that there is a woman (no matter what your gender) who will bring trouble (including betrayal or backstabbing) into your life.  You will recognize her as someone with neurotic tendencies.    If the runecast is otherwise positive, it might mean a strong female who will help you, though she will no doubt ask you to make it up later.  If LAGAZ REVERSED is paired with PERDHRO, you have failed or are failing to use your wisdom

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ING or INGUZ    (note, often only the center 'diamond' of the rune is depicted)

 ING is a rune of completion, it represents a time in your life when all your loose strings are tied and your are free to move in a new direction. ING  represents a successful conclusion to the problem at hand.  This is a rune of relief.  A time of no anxiety.   ING shows a milestone in your life, very possibly the realization of a dream.  When paired with BEORC it is the birth of a child, with FEHU it's a new job.  With GIFU or WUNJO, the milestone is a new love affair.  Sometimes this rune brings news of a stranger coming into your life.  This rune shows the ending of an old phase of your life and the beginning of more exciting times.  Positive energies and feelings of deliverance are indicated.  This rune describes good fortune.   ING only has a negative meaning when all the other runes are negative in the


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This is the rune of growth and increase.  There are no negative aspects to this rune.  If DAEG is surrounded by negative runes, it shows an inner strength that can be used during difficult times.  This rune counteracts  against delay runes.   It shows slow and steady growth and progress.   DAEG is the dawning of a new day full of hope and optimism. This rune could indicate a major change in your life (one for the better). With MANNAZ, it could mean that things will get better through the help of others.  It is possible that this rune is describing the entrance of enlightenment into your life.  Shown with WUNJO REVERSED, OTHEL REVERSED or HAGALL, this rune indicates that you are drawing problems
towards yourself by dwelling on them.   Keeping a good attitude can enhance your situation a great deal.


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This is the rune of possessions.   OTHEL represents those items that you have or will aquire.  often represents that which you have inherited, including property, possessions and character traits. With SIGEL, it means a hard worker, someone who works hard for there possessions.  This rune represents someone inspired.  (Especially when in a runecast with MANNAZ or ANSUZ.)  This rune can mean help from older people or old friends.   Overall, OTHEL represents property and legacies.


Delay and frustration are indicated when you draw OTHEL REVERSED.   Loss in the areas of your possessions is shown.  There may be legal problems or maybe the changing of a will.   You might be  trying to go too fast, slow down.  With positive runes in the cast, success may be possible, but further off than you want.  Be patient, and pay attention to detail.  Don't expect any financial help,  and by all means, do not try to "buck the system" in any way.   If you do, or have already,  OTHEL REVERSED is a warning that someone like an I.R.S. agent will step into the picture.  OTHEL REVERSED is sometimes an indication of legal problems regarding land or property.  

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The blank rune. (This rune is not a 'traditional' rune.  It was, as far as I can tell, invented by Ralph Blum.  However, I've included it's meaning for those who wish to utilize it.)

This rune represents the unknowable.   It is the past, present and future.  This rune represents all knowledge.  This is the cosmic power of fate.  Drawing this rune indicates that you are in immediate contact with your own true destiny.  ODIN represents Karma. Something unexpected is going to come to you.  Sometimes it means that the matters in question are " in the hands of the gods".   It may also mean
that should a certain step be taken, life will never be the same for you.  This rune represents things that are presently hidden from view.  If the issue in question is regarding someone else, it means that you are seeking information that you have no right to know.  Look at the surrounding runes for clues.  If ODIN falls with GIFU or another love rune, it could indicate a wonderful new relationship coming into your life.  (possibly representing a "karmic reward" ) .  Basicly, this is the rune of fate or that of the gods.


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The runes can also be used as a form of writing.  When they were originated, there was no parchment.  This accounts for their sharp straight lines, since they had to be carved into stone or wood.
Below you will find the translation of these runes into the English alphabet.  When writing ( or carving ) the runes, you should keep them upright, never use a slant.  Names and words that have two of the same letter next to each other are written with the second letter in a mirror image.





























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The following is a brief and by no means complete list of books found under  the topic of runes.  
You can also find information on runes under other topics like: Nordic, Germanic and Scandinavian history, mythology and customs; alphabets;  Shamanism; magick; witchcraft; Paganism; divination; talismans, charms and amulets; and  under the topic of gods (specifically, the Nordic god Odin).   Here are just a few books to get you started:

Leaves of Yggdrasil
by Freya Aswynn
Llewellyn Publications  1990

Understanding Runes: their origins and magical power 
by Michael Howard.
The Aquarian Press  1990.

A Practical Guide to The Runes
by Lisa Peschel
Llewellyn Publications  1991

The Runes
by Howard Michael
Aquarian Press  1980

Rune Games
by Marijane Osborne and Stella Longland
Routledge & Kegan Paul  1982

Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magick
by Edred Thorsson
Samuel Weiser   1984

The Runic Workbook: Understanding & Using the Power of Runes
by Tony Willis
Aquarian Press  1986

The Power of Runes
by Donald Tyson
Llewellyn Publications 19??

Rune Might: Practices of the German Rune Magicians
by Edred Thorsson
Llewellyn Publications  19??

The Book of Runes 
by Ralph Blum
St. Martins Press  1982

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Written by  inspiraven