By , July 2, 2012

I remember¬†back when my son was about two and half ¬†(’97) , ¬†we were in the back yard, and he was ¬†busying ¬†himself¬†putting various toys, sticks and other ¬†items together in interesting ways. ¬†

When I inquired what he was making with all those things he told me he was inventing a time machine.   Cool, I said.  What are you going to use it for?  He explained:

“I’m ¬†going to go way, WAY back in time. ¬†To the time of typewriters. ” ¬†

Sadly I was too tickled to think to  inquire why.   Who knows, I might have missed out on some past life tid-bit or more insights into my brilliant little boy.   The memory still  tickles me though. 

¬†For those of us who used them, (way WAY back) here’s a musical delight: ¬†

La m√°quina de escribir. L. Anderson. (Lio en los Grandes Almacenes)

(antics end and music starts at 1:35)

One Response to “Typewriter”

  1. Jodi says:

    Brilliant!!!! Especially the Baby Simon gem!!!!! Make m’eyes glitter, why doncha?!! (ps, i have that typewriter on m’table : } totem, now) xo