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Osho Zen Tarot

By , July 5, 2012

7 of Clouds

Today, while searching the internet for politics and tarot I came across the Osho Zen Tarot.

It seems familiar, but I hadn’t given it any lasting attention before. ¬†Today I gave it another look. ¬† ¬†

For the first time in many years, I have a little crush on a new tarot deck. ¬† I’ve always had sprinklings of Zen in my faith and this deck sings to that part of me that is ‘into acceptance’ and interested in reducing struggle. ¬† I haven’t yet had my hand on the deck, but have been looking into it. ¬†I think I’ll¬†acquire one and work with.¬†

The deck zig zags around the traditional structure of the tarot,  not so far that you lose sight of the familiar path though.  

 In this post:             

Review             The Major Arcana             The Minor Arcana             Online Readings 

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Tarot+Reiki deck

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By , February 8, 2012

Combining Reiki and Tarot

Tarot acts as the intuitive guide, telling us where to look for the root of the problem. Reiki helps us heal and correct any underlying issues found in the physical, emotional, psychic or spiritual system. The idea behind White Light Tarot TM is to offer a way to combine reiki and tarot. 


A new deck that incorporates the reiki energy system. Each image was designed to incorporate reiki healing and heat. Each card has a¬†keyword¬†to concentrate on, a¬†chakra color¬†from the seven reiki chakras to tell you where to center your thoughts, and of course an image from thetarot¬†which are like archetypes that reach into the subconscious or collective unconscious mind to intuitively connect to the root cause of the problem. Interpretations take into account esoteric old world symbols.Interpretations are inclusive of other cultures. ¬†[Read More…¬†]

via Tarot+Reiki in one. Tarot deck with assigned keywords and chakra colors for each card. ::..


Magnetic Tarot

By , January 6, 2012

I haven’t been posting here too much lately. ¬† ¬† Doing a few nerdy things instead. ¬†

I’ve been working on other websites, and fooling around with different things…

One project in the works is a Magnetic Tarot page. ¬† Something fashioned after “magnetic poetry”.

¬†Maybe I’ll make a magnetic poetry page another time….

It happened like this. ¬†I was having a phone conversation about a tarot reading with a friend. ¬† I wished I could get a visual on the cards to see a larger picture…. ¬† So, I thought it would be cool if I could get a page together with¬†drag-able cards so that, with various spread options, one could take a screen capture, and save it as an online version of a real life reading.¬†

It of course won’t be the same if the reader is using a different deck than the page, but the general idea can be seen.

So, I did figure out the drag the cards around stuff, ¬†I just havn’t yet figured out how to make the page have all the cards (78 upright + 78 reversals)

without having to shrink the cards too much.   Working on it.  

For now, there is a page doing¬†basically¬†what I set out to do. ¬†I put a ¬†“Sacred Palm” spread up on that page to start. ¬†

I did it by faulty memory so anyone who can elaborate on card positions (fingers) please do so by responding to this post.   Thanks!  

Oh, almost forgot …. the link…..¬†¬†Magnetic Tarot

tarot, fortune-telling, and a three card story

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By , August 18, 2011

jump to a three card story


When I was about twelve, my mother ¬†gifted me with my ¬†first tarot deck. ¬†By that age, I had already picked up an endless fascination with psychology from her as well. ¬†The two blended beautifully together. ¬† I’m still learning the depths of that. ¬†


The unbound ¬†book of knowledge, known as the Tarot has within it a multitude of symbols, systems, alphabets and so forth, all coming together to help understand ¬†and explain the experiences, motivations and actions of life. ¬† One could spend many years learning not only the ‘meanings’ of the symbols and images but also the¬†correlation¬†between personalities and events. ¬† I find the tarot to be a fascinating and useful system of understanding the human experience. ¬†In the right hands, it can also be a powerful glimpse into our inner selves, helping to guide us to more whole, healthy interactions with the people around us. ¬† With understanding of our own motivations, we can take an active part in our own contentment and purpose. ¬†

fortune telling

Most people who think of tarot classify it as fortune telling. ¬† And what they think that ¬†is… varies. ¬† The term used to make me cringe. ¬†I thought it too dismissive, too narrow in it’s implications. ¬† I prefer the term divination to describe tarot readings but I am willing to re-examine the fortune telling label. ¬†

The word fortune is tricky as it can¬†simultaneously mean¬†random luck and chance¬† scenarios, and also that which you make of your life. ¬†When¬†grouped with it’s old friend fate, ¬†the word implies ¬†higher, cosmic forces at work. ¬†

Which is often in direct contrast to the understanding of the material treasures  the word fortune connotes.   Also, since in our world, well being is directly connected to wealth,  fortune encompasses even more connotations.   Fortune is a tricky word, and fortune telling, a tricky concept.  

When we don’t understand what influenced an event, we often ascribe it to randomness. ¬†Also,¬†the tarot certainly has been used to connect with that part of our existence that is, broader, wider and beyond our simple selves, and that too could be included in the header ‘fortune-telling’. ¬†¬†Since tarot readings can encompass the aspects to our lives that we influence subtly,¬†unconsciously, AND those things we purposely do to interact with our world, perhaps the ¬†‘fortune-telling’ definition is apt. ¬†¬†

I guess it depends who’s using the term. ¬†

Some people¬†label¬†something as ‘fortune-telling’ and their curiosity ¬†stops at the word. ¬† Within their definition, superstition,¬†silliness¬†and irrationality are implied. ¬† They will often use this word to dismiss in entirety both the Tarot, and those who work with them. ¬†¬†

Some people will glance casually at the tarot for entertainment. ¬†They may give it credence in the moment because it seems interesting and the focuses on their own lives. ¬†The next moment, regardless of accuracy, ¬†they are likely to dismiss it as nonsense not worthy of more understanding. ¬†This¬†approach¬†is akin to identifying as ones astrological sun-sign, possibly even reading the daily ‘scopes, without ever understanding what one of ¬†the oldest known sciences to human kind is all about. ¬†Or how little those so called horoscopes have to do with the science. ¬†¬†

Some people, sensing a synchronistic  aspect to the universe,  will be open to the information that tarot can help them access.   Often these people look objectively at the information and weigh the readings of the tarot with their own judgement.   Joined with the courage to face the self,  the tarot can bring great benefits  these people.  

It is not uncommon for people to view fortune telling, and the tarot as tools to connect ¬†with their higher self, or child self, or inner self, as these ‘hidden’ ¬†aspects to a person are said to respond well to imagery and symbols. ¬† ¬†

Fortune telling can certainly be classified as a spiritual event.  

Some think of the tarot as a way to listen to  spirit guides, or angels.  They think of tarot readings as messages from above and actively embrace not only the message, but the messengers as they understand them.   These people are likely to give great weight to a reading and incorporate any insights into their lives. 

However, ¬†if there is a lack of personal responsibility with this other wise spiritual person, the emphasis will be on glorifying the tarot process, and often missing the message entirely. ¬† The fascination with ‘communicating with spirits’, as some define fortune telling, ¬†can be used to scapegoat an outragious lack of character. ¬†It can also lead to a fascination with dark concepts, and an active contribution to fear. ¬†

Some people associate tarot and fortune telling with all powerful  super-natural forces, devils, demons and that sort of thing.  Strangely, the fear and power they attribute to the cards seems to attract, more than repel this group.   Often the accuracy of the reading frightens or excites them, and they focus on the seeming magic of the knowledge, and not the message.  This group of people can be recognized easily by those who prey on such beliefs, and are at high risk of being victims of fraud, theft or religious scams.  Maybe even a combination.  

Though the first group has gained synical influence, it is that last lot that has really controlled our cultures main-stream beliefs about divination and fortune-telling.  

They’ve dominated the story for generations. ¬† This is done through cultural images, associations and language. ¬† ¬†The¬†¬†conflicting implications ¬†are: stay away from this foolishness it is trivial, spooky and¬†possibly¬†evil, but also be fascinated by it, as it is romantic and mysterious. ¬† ¬†

Mostly, our culture defines fortune telling as a description of what situation will happen to a person.  

In contrast to our cultures portrayal, fortune telling is often focused not on the prediction of mundane events,  but on an in depth look at situations as they presently are.   Not on what situation will happen to a person, but how a person is inclined to interact with the world around them, how they will happen to a situation if you will. 

A tarot reading is used  to gather an understanding of the forces and  influences around situations we are experiencing. The stories a reader weaves often focus on the subtler aspects to situations and involvements,  and how these subtler forces might manifest in particular ways.  

A reading will often highlight the emotional, psychological, and social influences at work in our lives.  A reading might uncover our habits, our defenses and our blind spots.   Along with our strengths, a reading can help surface our weaknesses.  Because tarot can slice right to the heart of a matter, it should be used in an atmosphere of emotional safety and compassion.    The knowledge itself is empowering, but the integration of these issues needs a respectful atmosphere that encourages courage and growth.  A reading  is used to highlight choices available to the querent (that person whom a reading is for) so that they may direct their own life course wisely.

 I believe clarity, understanding, and empowerment are the goals of a reading or fortune telling.

a three card story

Because each tarot card includes such depth of information,  they make for a great sort of language.     There are endless insights, symbols and stories hidden within the cards, and one can spend a lifetime studying them.  Despite the depth and complexity of the lore, even a child, seeing the cards for the first time can tell a meaningful story with them.  Because tarot speaks through simple imagery, complex symbolism and universal concepts can be portrayed to those who would see.  Interpretations are brought forth not just because of the familiarity of the archetypes, but also by the individuals inclinations of focus.  Almost like a Rorschach inkblot.   

Tarot messages, like astrology, always contain within them the understanding of cycles and motion.   One may take a snapshot and focus in on the moment but that moment is placed in context to where you have been and where you are headed.  

Tarot layouts, or stories are  layed knowing a  cards placement has an understood meaning.  

For example, three card layouts often have the first cards placement¬†allotted¬†as ‘the past‘, the middle would then be ‘the present‘, and the last card would be ‘the future‘. ¬† It is also common to interpret placement as the issue, the advice and the outcome. ¬† The placement of the cards could be understood to ¬†indicate the perspective of the mind, body and spirit as well.¬† ¬†The individual cards are then searched to explain the story, within the context of the placement. ¬†

To read the story you may choose any or all of the above card placements. ¬† You may choose none at all, or replace them with ¬†a ¬†layout of your own design. ¬† To read the story you may simply look at the images below, or hunt down more information on the individual cards. ¬† I’m not going to interpret them for you, or even encourage¬†

Here are three cards,  numbered 15, 16 and 17, plucked from the sequential order of the Fools Journey (the archetypal story contained within the Major Arcana) because they seemed so apt.  

I have chosen to show these three cards because I think  together  they explain where we, humanity,  are at right now.

 In what I have repeatedly refered to as the changing times.  


Below is a three card story about these changing times.  

What’s the story you see? ¬†What do you think of this story?



[ The images above are from the Robin Wood Tarot Deck. ¬†I chose this deck specifically for her Devil card. Traditional decks portray the bound nature of the situation, but with her card, Robin beautifully adds the empowering understanding of our agreement with the situation. ¬† In many oppressive situations, we must find where we are ‘shaking-hands’ with that which binds us. ¬†]


‚ÄúTarot‚ÄĚ very short film by John Condon

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By , November 5, 2010

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added traditional cards and some ‚Äėquick‚Ķ

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By , October 30, 2010

added traditional cards and some ‘quick glance’ information to the Tarot Card Index.

(Also added link near random card on front page here.

quick tarot

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By , October 21, 2010

You can get a quick one card reading when you open

(other readings and information as well)

tarot reading

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By , April 1, 2010
A while back I designed this spread for tarot readings.
Soon after I created the web page to conduct a reading.I welcome any feedback on the spread design, or page design, or your computerized reading experience.

Reply to this post and let me know what you think.
Or just enjoy an online reading from me to you.

Raven Spread onlineTarot Reading