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Finally Here

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By , October 10, 2011

I heard this on this mornings Democracy Now.

“Finally Here” by The Roaring FT. Ari Herstand

Occupy Wall Street Anthem 

Dear Washington and Wall Street,
We are the 99% and we’re here to stop the machine.

Why is that we only come through in times of crisis
Can’t recognize the need while we stare at our devices
See, I got the graph and I got the stats
And I got the need to keep people from the rats
More than simply a game of motivation
The idea that together we’re better then evolution
Not me against you
But really an us
See, The world is our oyster
Only we can destruct
Democracy seems really cool
The idea that we give voice, even to the fool
But see that’s the problem
With our system of learning
The fantastic drips down
And infects the yearning
Are we meant to play the game on even ground
Or is that the fairytale that makes the merry-go-round
Used to be tribes
Then the nation state drew borders
Every revolution comes from disrespecting orders
But I got hope
And I believe in peace
In Korea, South Asia and the Middle East

Cause the youth, yeah, we’re finally here
Got a future full of love
Love without fear
Cause the youth, yeah, we’re finally here
Got stand up, be proud, hold each other near

He said good morning could you raise your right hand
Step into the jurors box and take a stand
On trial are the quiet dreams of our fathers
See those dreams draw lines between us and others

Built our corporate present on them dotted lines
It’s those strange shapes that seem to plague the mind
Mine and yours
An equation outdated
The prosecution suggests it be recalibrated

My patriotic dream is recast as struggle
We the people be building out of this rubble

How many more rotations about the sun
Before my brothers in arms will lay down their guns
“We the people” is beyond a battle cry
A Formula for peace and progress in our time

The current manifesto manifests too small
Promise of living is dwarfed by the wall
My aim is not guilt nor material goods
My sights on inspiration cross all latitudes
My declaration declares one thing
Creation exists in each human being

Cause the youth, yeah, we’re finally here
Got a future full of love
Love without fear
Cause the youth, yeah, we’re finally here
Got stand up, be proud, hold each other near

Whispers of the revolution are getting louder
on the Wall Streets and Main Streets
from New York
to Los Angeles
and around the world
See, we need the corruption and greed to end
And we need to learns respect for all of our brothers and sisters
See youth, it’s a state of mind
and we preach a future full of
and progress

Cause the youth, yeah, we’re finally here
Got a future full of love
Love without fear
Cause the youth, yeah, we’re finally here
Got stand up, be proud, hold each other near

Photos contributed by:
Michael Nagle
Kevork Djansezian
Mario Tama
Josh Reynolds
Paul Stein
David Shankbone
Lucas Jackson

Video footage by:

The Dirty F@#*ing Hippies Were Right!

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By , September 21, 2011


Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that.
There’s a black granite wall in Washington D.C. that bears 58,260 names on it. All of those whose names are carved on that wall are dead. For what? Freedom? If this country had listened when kids were screaming to stop that slaughter, that wall would have been one hell of a lot shorter. Yet we as a nation still wage wars of choice. War encouraged by plutocrats. Peace is never discussed. Peace has somehow become a pejorative. Peace is no pejorative. Peace is essential to the survival of the human race. Those who advocate for war are a dangerous and fearful group who should be marginalized and disavowed. War is always the last choice.

The dirty fucking hippies were right!

Now the oceans have been rising and warming. The polar ice is melting at alarming rates. The climate is changing in irreversible ways. Our survival as a species is on a precipice. The science on this is clear: Humans are now in trouble….. because of our reckless stewardship of what we dominate. We have polluted this fragile jewel that hangs in space. Our only home. The food we buy is contaminated. The toys we give our children as presents for Christmas are tainted with poison. The water we drink is rife with carcinogens. The fish in our seas, lakes and rivers are so full of mercury that it is only recommended we eat them once per week. We have now come face to face with our own extinction. I hate to say we told you so, but…

the dirty fucking hippies… were right!

We’ve elected sociopath after sociopath for the last 30 years, to every level of government. Many of them slaves to corporate parasites that gorge themselves at the public trough while the most vulnerable people in our society: the sick, the young, and the elderly go wanting. Billions of dollars in profits are being snitched up at the expense and suffering of our neighbors by the jackals that comprise our pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies.

Both of which pipe their diagnostic wisdom and their faux concern right into our homes via teevee and radio commercials. These legal drug dealers now sell their wares with impunity and the insurance gamblers perform a slick game of 3 card Monty right in our living rooms. Most of these drugs have a list of caveats that would make even the most dishonest used car salesman blush. And the insurance hustlers change the rules of the game when it’s time for them to pay up.

Profiting from the suffering and pain of others. Profiting from human frailty. Universal Healthcare? Too expensive, we were told. Gasbag talking heads on teevee and radio have been complicit in this deception while being handsomely compensated for their assistance.

I’ll say it again:
The dirty fucking hippies… were right!

Big Box discount stores descend upon small towns in America like alien ships filled with cheap products, bought at low prices, from countries that pay their workers slave wages. Plutocrats love this business model. Mom and Pop shops can’t compete with the prices set by these huge corporate parasites. and to no one’s surprise many small businesses in these tiny hamlets fail. Leaving small towns filled with empty store fronts and even in some cases forcing these former small business operators to go to work for the very people that ruined their livelihoods. Small town America is subsequently decimated by this invasion. Often helpless in stopping it.

Wall Street has cannibalized itself. Still hungry, feeling the pangs of their greed, they’ve now come to the government for their daily meal. And still, without a hint of irony, a spokesman for this ravenous tribe, mounts a soapbox and has the temerity to rail against the evils of socialism. Turns out, the socialism is for them, the capitalism is for us. Abbie Hoffman once baited these bansters by throwing cash onto the floor of the NYSE.

To no one’s astonishment, they demonstrated their insatiable greed. The gluttons couldn’t help themselves, they stopped trading and got on their knees to sweep up the free loot. Wall Street should have been reigned in long ago.

The dirty fucking hippies… were right!

songs from David Rovics

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By , September 20, 2011

Democracy Now played a song from this artist during today’s show.   Here is that song, and two others.  Enjoy

What if You Knew

 Song for Bradley Manning

lots of information on Bradley Manning can be found at http//



Because it’s the Commons

First you told us only through you could we know God
And if we dared to question, then He wouldn’t spare the rod
For you we worked the soil, for you we dug the moors
For you we shed our blood and fought so many pointless wars
And now you build your fences and you say there’s nothing we can do
You say the world around us belongs fairly to the few
But about six billion people, no doubt will agree
This world is our home, not your property

It’s the commons, our right of birth
And you who would enclose the land all around the Earth
Our future is your downfall, when we cut this ball and chain
You who’d sacrifice the public good for your private gain

With our sweat we built the railroads, built cities on these shores
But because you own the money, you say that it’s all yours
We laid the phone lines and the pipelines and then right before our eyes
You say the things our taxes paid for you now will privatize
Privatize the hospitals, privatize the schools
Privatize the prisons for all those who break your rules
And preparing for the day, when all the wells run dry
You say you own the very rain that falls down from the sky

But it’s the commons, our right of birth
And you who’d own the water all around the Earth
Our future is your downfall, when we cut this ball and chain
You who’d sacrifice the public good for your private gain

You claim to own the harvest with your terminator seeds
You claim to own the genomes of every animal that breeds
You claim to own our culture and the music that we play
And with each song that we download to your coffers we must pay
You would even own my name and you say it’s for the best
Maybe you’ll let us on your radio if our songs can pass your test
You own country, you own western, you say you’ve given us a choiceYou may own the airwaves but you’ll never own my voice

It’s the commons, our right of birth
And you who’d own the music all around the Earth
Our future is your downfall, when we cut this ball and chain
You who’d sacrifice the public good for your private gain

What Did You Learn In School?

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By , August 27, 2011

Pete Seeger

(original by Tom Paxton)

bonus track:

Pete Seeger Little Boxes

Worker’s Song: Dropkick Murphys

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By , April 25, 2011

The  Dropkick Murphy’s playing Workers Song (originally written by singer / songwriter Ed Pickford)

Hey World (Don’t Give Up)

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By , April 24, 2011

I found this very moving, and thought that the use of the hands in the video was brilliant.


Michael Franti

Playing for Change

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By , December 16, 2010

Playing For Change was inspired by a belief that music can transform the world and bring together people separated geographically, politically, economically, spiritually, and even ideologically. The project started in 2004 with the goal to “inspire, connect and bring peace to the world through music”. Mark Johnson, an American sound engineer and producer, along with his Timeless Media Group, travelled the world with his mobile recording studio and travelled to wherever the music took them. From Santa Monica to Barcelona, to Johannesburg to Dublin, to use music as a tool for positive change in the world. Concord Music Group joined in, through the support of Norman Lear and vice president of A&R John Burk, to spread the message to the widest audience possible.

Everyone can now join in by this transformative experience, by hosting screenings and benefit concerts and join the chorus for Playing For Change. One of the projects was having musicians from around the world play the classic “Stand By Me”, and through the magic of production the song flows from one artist to the next in a very popular video (watch below). The video is widely popular and has over 25 million views. From there the project grew to include songs such as Bob Marley’s “One Love” to Tracy Chapman’s “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution”, and continues to bring positive change through music to the world.

The above blurb is from .  I was unable to connect with the Playing for Change Foundations website.

You’ve seen War, No More Trouble (info)on the babble box, now enjoy a few more of these songs around the world below

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War/No More Trouble

By , November 8, 2010

 This Song Around the World features musicians who have seen and overcome conflict and hatred with love and perseverance.  “We don’t need more trouble, what we need is love.”  The spirit of Bob Marley always lives on!

see also Playing For Change

I’m a Stranger Here by Five Man Electrical Band

By , August 22, 2010

I’m A Stranger Here  LYRICS:
Well I’m a stranger here in this place called Earth
And I was sent down here to discover the worth
Of your little blue planet third from the sun
Come on and show me what you’ve done

We got the aero plane, we got the automobile
We got sky scraper buildings made of glass and steel
We’ve got synthetic food that nearly tastes real
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