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make your own (juggling) equipment

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By , July 29, 2014

3clubsrevtransMake your own:


Juggling balls (various types)

Acrylic juggling balls

Juggling clubs

Juggling scarves

Flower sticks


Balance Pipe

Stilts and Stilt Pants

 via American Youth Circus Organization

Michael Moschen

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By , February 10, 2013

MoschenMichael Moschen juggles rhythm and motion

(at TED)

Michael Moschen puts on a quietly mesmerizing show of juggling. Don’t think juggling is an art? You might just change your mind after watching Moschen in motion.

Quite simply, Michael Moschen has revolutionized juggling, refining it into an art and a bit of a science. With a few flying balls and well-chosen props he will completely re-wire your notions of the physically possible.¬†Full bio ¬Ľ

Michael Moschen on the Web

Juggling: Take Two

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By , August 16, 2012

I’ve been meaning to do another video, and I decided now was the best time, since I’m getting my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow, so I’ll basically be sedated the rest of the week!

The music is Paranoimia. Credit goes to Art of Noise.

Dead Can Dance

By , May 20, 2012

Three from Dead Can Dance  (wiki) 



I Am Stretched On Your Grave

drums & juggling

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By , April 15, 2012

Okay, it’s true that my bendy parts don’t let me juggle much anymore, and drumming with these hands would be cruel but I still think both are cool.¬† ¬†


props (for juggling)

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By , April 15, 2012

How to make juggling balls, the easy way  


Here’s how to make a nice, sturdy juggling ball (or hacky sack) out of cereal box cardboard.

Yes, its not technically origami…. ¬†¬†

Origami Juggling Ball 

lots more ideas at INSTRUCTABLES


By , February 26, 2012


music :

Time on My Side

from the album Strife! by Homestuck

Homestuck Music (Good for Frantic Juggling)

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By , February 25, 2012

I’ve been juggling to the Strife album. I’m not sure about the others. To all who like fast music, enjoy!

more music to juggle by

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By , February 23, 2012

(maybe just the first minute or so)

“The Morning Song of the Jester”

Miroirs IV. “Alborada del Gracioso” (Andr√© Laplante)


An aubade is a morning love song (as opposed to a serenade, which is in the evening )

via Wikipedia


a clown or jester

via Wikipedia