By , April 5, 2011

So, I was sitting … just thunk’n. ¬†Doing that multiple brainwave traversing ¬†that air signs know so well. I floated back and focused in on the title of the last post and was reminded of two things

The first was a song I wrote at the end of my marriage. ¬†It was called “Living In the Now“. ¬† I wrote the lyrics and my sons father put them to music. ¬†It wasn’t a sad song, and it wasn’t about the end of the marriage. ¬† I’ll look around and see if I can find it.

Free association FTW!

The second thing the title¬†reminded me of was Elfquest. ¬†You know. ¬†They live in the NOW of wolf thought…. what?! ¬†all these years and you haven’t been exposed to Elfquest? ¬† Well, no harm. ¬†It’s easier than ever. ¬† ¬† My brother let me read his books (graphic novels) years ago. ¬† ¬†They were favorites of my son growing up, and every decade or so, they’re worth another look.




Welcome to the Complete Digital Elfquest Online.

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