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The Corporation

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By , March 10, 2016


Hidden Knowledge: Corporations; how they came into being, how they have changed, how they are run and how they are the key to the erosion of society, erosion to the rights and lifestyles of people, etc

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Killer Mike: The Proof is in the Pudding

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By , February 27, 2016

Color film was built for white people.

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By , February 10, 2016

Here’s what it did to dark skin

Doll Test

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By , February 3, 2016

This is heartbreaking.


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By , July 15, 2015


Yesterday, British Spoken word performer Agnes Töröka release an inspired, three-minute poetic call-to-arms for the austerity generation that quickly went viral, garnering almost 100,000 views by the end of the day.

In “Worthless” ,Töröka masterfully calls into question the unfair social contract inherented by todays youth: from nonstop internships to massive debt to the wholesale gutting of social programs. Underlying the spoken word poem is a biting sarcasm, contrasting the public funding of bank bailouts with the raiding of public trusts. She also wonderfully skewers the patronizing, “realistic” platitudes of austerity, from “cost cutting” to telling out-of-work graduates to focus on “polishing their CV’s”.

It’s a brilliant – and unexpected – piece of rage-fueled poetry that should speak to anyone who’s been tightened, cost-cutted, and left to fend for themselves by a system that glorifies the rich while, time and time again, telling the rest of us we’re “worthless”.


the ‘S’ Word

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By , May 5, 2015

Bernie Sanders and a Brief History of the ‘S’ Word


Howard Zinn on Democratic Socialism

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Why Socialism? by Albert Einstein

Why I Think This World Should End ♫

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By , September 17, 2014

by Prince EA

American Manifesto

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By , August 12, 2014

Read it at: 

Medical Mistakes Are 3rd Leading Cause of Death

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By , July 30, 2014



Preventable medical errors in hospitals are the third leading cause of death in America – killing as many as 440,000 people per year, according to The Journal of Patient Safety. Only heart disease and cancer kill more Americans. “This is a problem that has not received anywhere near the attention that it deserves,” Bernie said at a hearing he chaired last Thursday. James Warren of the New York Daily News wrote about what he called the “low-key, measured but damning two-hour exploration of endemic human, corporate and systems failures.”