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Starting to think about making the switch to Vegan

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By , September 5, 2017

I’m planning on  starting with this information…

LIVEKINDLY | Vegan News, Recipes, Opinion and Sustainable Living



I want to build this

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By , August 27, 2017

I wounder if it can be modular and scalable

check your voter registration

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By , April 7, 2016

California : double check your voter registration

  • Semi-closed primaries, you must register as a democrat or be unaffiliated (no party) to vote.
  • Deadline: Monday, May 23rd
  • Primary: Tuesday, June 7th
  • Early voting: Many counties in California will hold early voting for the Democratic primary between May 9 and June 6, 2016.
  • Contact your county elections officeto learn more about early voting in your county. You can request a mail-in absentee ballot by submitting this form before May 31, 2016. You can also file an emergency absentee ballot in person at your local county elections officeanytime between June 1 and 7, 2016.
  • Register to vote
  • Check registration status

John Nichols on Bernie Sanders Historical Context

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By , March 29, 2016

John Nichols, longtime political writer for The Nation,

spoke to TYT Political Reporter Jordan Chariton in New Hampshire before the state’s primary.

TYT Politics

birdie and Sanders

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By , March 26, 2016


During a rally in Portland, Oregon, a bird perches on US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders‘ podium and the crowd goes wild


from the book  Animal-Speak: The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small

by Ted Andrews

Sparrow Medicine

Keynote Awakening and Triumph of Common Nobility
Cycle of Power: Year-round
The sparrow has not always been considered the pest it is today. It is a perky, assertive bird that can hold its own against many forms of predation. The sparrow lives in all habitats. In the United States there were no natural checks upon it, and thus it multiplied at a fantastic rate.

The sparrow has its share of lore, as with many birds. One story tells of how it was the one bird present throughout the crucifixion of Christ, making it a symbol of triumph after longsuffering. It was a symbol of household divinities in Britain; and during the Middle Ages, it was a symbol for the peasants and lower classes throughout Europe. Peasants, at this time, were often helpless under the power of overlords. Because of this, they loved to hear tales of how the insignificant sparrow triumphed over such powerful enemies as wolves, bears, and eagles–the traditional symbols of nobility and those who mistreated the peasants.

Its ability to multiply and assert itself in spite of predation reflects the idea that nobility of the common person is inherently strong. For those who have a sparrow as a totem, look about you. Are you allowing others to take your dignity? Have you forgotten your own self-worth? Have you begun to think that you would always be under the heel of some tyrant–human or social? The sparrow will show yu how to survive. It will awaken within you a new sense of dignity and self-worth, helpin gyou to triumph in spite of outer circumstances.

The song sparrow is very symbolic of this. It has three spots in the form of an inverted triangle on its throat and breast. There is a dark spot on each side of its throat and a heavy spot in the middle of the breast. This reflects a drawing down of energy to awaken the heart and throat centers. It is the assertion of will to brin gout the inherent dignity so it can sing forth in your life. This is what the sparrow can teach.

The FCC Wants to Let Us Choose What the Internet Knows About Us

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By , March 18, 2016


he chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Tom Wheeler, is proposing the first ever effort to let internet users choose how much information an internet service provider is allowed to collect, and how that information is used. As it stands, ISPs collect all sorts of data on their users: websites we visit, files we download, even our various physical locations. They often sell that data to places that are littering your screen with you-specific ads. As part of a new plan that will be formally proposed on March 31, Wheeler wants internet users to be able to opt-out of that kind of information collection, while ISPs sharing your information with third parties would be opt-in.

“All we’re saying in our proposal is that you, the consumer, ought to have a say in whether they can repackage and use information, which is basically your information, not their information,” Wheeler said to NPR. Telecom companies are against the proposal and have said that it undercuts their ability to compete with a company like Google, which is regulated by the FTC and is free to collect as much data as it wants. The business concerns seem to be real: Earlier this week, Moody’s said that the FCC’s privacy proposal could hurt broadband providers’ credit ratings.

If the plan goes through, companies will likely be in a position of needing to create incentives for you to share your information. AT&T already allows customers to opt-out of their data-tracking program for a nominal fee. Wheeler says that he wants to cut customers in on the bartering that is already going on over the buying and selling of their information. “First you empower consumers to say, ‘Do I want my information used?’ Then you empower consumers to say, ‘Is there a value that I put on my information?’ and work some kind of a deal with the Internet service provider to reflect that value.” It is important to note that the proposal holds no weight until the “net neutrality” or Open Internet case, still sitting in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, actually rules that ISPs are providing a service that can be regulated by the FCC.

via: The FCC Wants to Let Us Choose What the Internet Knows About Us

If the world were 100 people

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By , March 15, 2016


The Corporation

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By , March 10, 2016


Hidden Knowledge: Corporations; how they came into being, how they have changed, how they are run and how they are the key to the erosion of society, erosion to the rights and lifestyles of people, etc

Film transcript and extras:

Killer Mike: The Proof is in the Pudding

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By , February 27, 2016